Hey there, thanks for joining in on our journey to find the best coffees in the most responsible way possible!


Common Greens Coffee is a micro roaster with a mission. We do not only ensure that your cup of coffee is of the best possible standards, we care about our entire supply chain and want to make sure the impact we leave behind is a positive one for everyone involved. 

All of our coffee is seasonally handpicked, with a whole lot of love and care. Once we get our hands on these precious beans, we carefully make sure to enrich the farmer’s work. Our roasting style intends to highlight and preserve the intricate flavour characteristics of every farm we purchase beans from, showcasing the unique flavour profiles from origin. 

We think it is time to put the dedicated coffee farmers back into the lime light, as we believe their hard work is undervalued and more often than not, grossly under-compensated for. So let’s change that shall we?


you wont believe how much of a change you can make, just by sipping on your favourite cup


Besides souring responsibly and paying a fair price for the green beans we buy, we donate a coffee tree with each bag you buy. This year we are supporting our team in the Hopong Area in Myanmar. Each donated tree will replace the poppy flowers on the farms, used to produce opium, which is then smuggled into neighbouring countries.

We believe a more fair supply chain starts with education. Therefore, we’d like you to be able to learn about the fantastic crew behind your favourite cup of coffee; bridging the gap between our customers and suppliers. These heroes have inspiring stories, waiting to be shared with the world. Through our ‘My Coffee Cares’ stories you get a real sense of how much you can make a change, just by sipping on your favourite cup. Read More.


We are so excited that you are joining us on this journey to change things up in this industry! We can’t wait to show you that you can drink the highest quality coffee, knowing that everyone involved has been paid more than a fair price.

If you are looking to get in contact about wholesale opportunities or you’re in desperate need of some help on your crossword puzzle, feel free to drop us a line on info@commongreenscoffee.com or get in contact here.

Much Love,

Claye, Josh & Nina