My Coffee Cares - Moe Bone from Hopong


We met the wonderful Moe Bone in Htant Hpa Yas village, close to the Hopong township. Hopong is located in the Shan state, on the Eastern border of Myanmar, where the coffee production has rapidly been evolving over the last couple of years. Agricultural projects supported by the UN and Winrock NGO have accelerated the quality of the green beans and opened up Myanmar to the international speciality market.

The last decades Moe Bone has been producing Cheroot leaves, used to make the Cheroot cigar; a filterless cylindrical cigar, commonly smoked in Myanmar and India. Through word of mouth she found out that other communities in the area were increasing their income by switching to coffee production and she decided to make the switch as well. Moe Bone now has between around 1700 coffee plants and joined up with the Indigo Mountain Company, a cooperative that assists the producers with trainings and exporting.

With this assistance Moe Bone and other producers in the area were able to increase the quality of their green beans enough to appeal to the specialty coffee market. The additional income that this upgrade has generated has made a tremendous difference, as Moe Bone was very delighted to share. Her husband and daughter, who have been working in Thailand where there were better job opportunities, are now able to return home.

We are really excited to be working with wonderful producers like Moe Bone and we offer her coffee in our shop!