A trip back to Origin

As part of our mission to create the most sustainable supply chain possible, we aim to visit each country we work with and meet the producers personally. Learning more about the coffee industry in each country, the working conditions and the challenges our partners face on a daily basis, gives us a better insight into how we can play a bigger role in creating positive impact. On top of that we further develop the understanding of a coffee’s character which then helps us to finetune our roasting profiles and bring out the innate flavours in the best way possible. Education is everything and we are very excited that we get to share what we learn with all of you on here.



Even though coffee was already introduced by British Colonist in 1885, the specialty coffee scene in Myanmar only started developing recently, when the country was freed from diplomatic isolation. With very little knowledge available on processing methods and best practice farming, Myanmar has been on a very impressive specialty journey over the last few years and we are very excited to be part of that.