Colombia Filter - Finca Villa Esperanza

Colombia Filter - Finca Villa Esperanza

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Sweet mango, floral, complex

Producer: Jesus Morales Samora

Farm: Finca Villa Esperanza

Region: Santa Maria

Elevation: 1700

Varietal: Pacamara

Process: Washed

Jesus Morales Samora (36 y.o.) is from Palermo, one of the neighbouring villages of Santa Maria.

He is a young farmer that bought his small 2.5Ha farm at 1750m two years ago together with his wife, using up all of their savings. He was fortunate to encounter the variety Pacamara on the farm. This variety originated from Central America and is very rare in Colombia. He has regularly been visiting a nearby washing stations absorbing all the advice he can get. Jesus started extending the fermentation times of his coffee, increasing the point score of his coffee. Fermentation and washing he does in an old recycled fridge for lack of a real tank. The insulated fridge walls may actually help creating a stable fermentation environment!

To ensure you receive the freshest beans possible, we roast to order. Roasting usually takes place on Wednesdays, therefore your order will be dispatched within a week. 

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