Kenya Filter - Zahabu AB+

Kenya Filter - Zahabu AB+

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Strawberry, sugarcane, milk chocolate

The coffee from Ivurori factory is one of the Kenyan microlots on our list with the most accessible cup profile. It has an overall balanced cup with a harmonious mild sweetness and acidity. It has a bigger body than most Kenyans, accompanied with chocolate notes to make it a good choice for either espresso or filter .

Ivurori factory is part of a small cooperative in Embu county: the Kiangagwe Farmers Cooperative Society. The society has two other factories nearby, called Njeruri and Mururiri. In total, the society has 2500 active members. All together, they cultivate coffee on 250 hectares, meaning each producing household has 0,1 hectare on average destined to coffee cultivation. Generally, they own a larger plot of land in total, where they cultivate other crops or keep livestock.

Processing at Ivurori follows the traditional Kenyan method. Producers bring their cherries to the central processing factory. Here, the cherries are pulped and fermented in concrete tanks for approximately 24 hours. After fermentation, coffee is soaked in tanks full of water and washed in channels. In these channels, coffee is graded in P1 (heaviest parchment), P2 and lights (floaters). Any remaining cherries are removed and processed separately. Coffee is sun-dried on raised tables, a process which can take up to 3 weeks. At night and during the hottest periods, parchment is covered so that drying is gentle and homogenous.

Dry parchment is then delivered to a centralized dry mill to be processed, screened and marketed at the weekly auctions in Nairobi.

Farm: Ivurori Zahabu AB+

Region: Embu County

Elevation: 1650

Varietal: SL28 / SL34 / Ruiru 11

Process: washed

To ensure you receive the freshest beans possible, we roast to order. Roasting usually takes place on Saturdays, therefore your order will be dispatched within a week. 

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