Thai Filter - Doi Pangkhon

Thai Filter - Doi Pangkhon

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Honeycomb, blackberries, butter

Doi Pangkhon has come a long way in a short time. We partnered with this farmer group in Chiang Rai in 2016 and already their coffee is sought after throughout the globe. While the coffee is still relatively new to the international market, the 300 Akha Hilltribe farmers at Doi Pangkhon (which means Timberland Peak) have been growing and milling coffee for almost 40 years in this area, respecting their old traditions and their natural environment. 

What they only recently found out though, is that the mineral-rich soil and next-to-perfect growing conditions give not just their old varieties, but even their Catimor shrubs a surprising complexity and spicy punch. This sparked Ata and Pupae, brother and sister and third generation coffee growers, to actively seek the involvement of specialty buyers. Thanks to our exporter Beanspire, we started offering a small amount of Doi Pangkhon since 2016 and can now offer different processing styles as well. The 2017 Kenya washed coffee makes a beautiful cinnamon and chocolaty espresso and received acclaim from many return roasters.

Each farmer typically produces about 1-2 tons of parchment, but this year yield is down. Some farms are as low as 50% of last year's harvest. We are working with about 20 families from Doi Pangkhon now. Essentially, these are microlots grouped together. All of the villagers belong to Akha Hilltribe and they are very young for coffee farmers, 25-35 years old, mostly. This is something very unique about Thailand as an origin since it's an upper middle income country. It is a coffee growing industry that's actually working and attractive to the next generation, relative to other origins.

Farm: Doi Pangkhon

Region: Chiang Rai

Elevation: 1250-1500

Varietal: Red and yellow Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon and Typica

Process: Black Honey

To ensure you receive the freshest beans possible, we roast to order. Roasting usually takes place on Saturdays, therefore your order will be dispatched within a week. 

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